Alfred Basic interaction with Alfred
AppleScript Provides limited functionality to AppleScript
Choose Creates and executes AppleScript "Choose from.
Config A simple class to manage configuration for workflows
ConfigKeyNotSet Thrown when trying to get a config key that has not been set
Date Provides text filters for date objects
Dialog Class to create standard AppleScript dialogs.
Exception This is the namespaced "Exception" class (i.e.: Alphred\Exception)
FileDoesNotExist Thrown when trying to access a file that does not exist
Filter Filters arrays to match a query
Globals A class to reteive certain Global variables
i18n Translation library for Alphred
Ini Extends INI parsing and writing for PHP
InvalidKeychainAccount Keychain error
InvalidScriptFilterArgument Thrown when trying to pass bad keys to a script filter
InvalidSecurityAction Thrown with a bad error code.
InvalidXMLProperty Thrown when trying to set an XML property that should not exist
Keychain Enables easy access to parts of the Keychain for secure password storage / retrieval
Log Simple static logging functionality that writes to files or STDERR
Notification Creates simple notifications on OS X 10.8+
PasswordExists Exception thrown when trying to set a password in the keychain without the `update` flag
PasswordNotFound Thrown when trying to get a password that has not been set
PluginFunctionNotFound Thrown when trying to load a plugin that has not been defined
Request Generic, light-weight, low-functionality wrapper around PHP's cURL library
Result Result class
RunningOutsideOfAlfred This is thrown when trying to use functions that require variables set by Alfred
ScriptFilter Creates Script Filter XML for Alfred
ShouldBeBool Thrown when sending something that should be a bool but isn't
Text Methods to apply "filters" to text to transform them
TooManyArguments Thrown when giving too many arguments
UnknownSecurityException Thrown when `security` doesn't know what to do
UseOnlyAsStatic Thrown when trying to instantiate a class that is written to be used as static only.